About Evie Darling

Evie is real!

Maybe a long story, but it is the affectionate name given to your host on this site.  Evie has done many things from ballroom dancing to ocean sailing; from charity fundraising to corporate hospitality; and, of course, been part of a large loving family.

This site is based on love and a wish to help visitors express their love for those around them, far or close.

Over the coming months we will be steadily extending the range to include more and more ideas – each personally picked by Evie to help you find that special something for the special people in your life. You won’t be inundated but you will be offered a great range of interesting and appropriate ideas.

Not surprisingly, Evie is surrounded by many family, friends and professionals, who will support her: all committed to your needs and satisfaction.

Why not “Send an Evie……”?